Functional, Beautiful Commercial Wood Floors in Vermont

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When designing or remodeling a shop or commercial facility, how do you strike the perfect balance between eye-catching appearance and functionality?

At Floor Coverings International, we have unmatched experience providing commercial clients with flooring suited for their particular needs.


Our experience has given us a thorough, well-informed understanding of ideal commercial flooring for design-conscious customers. For commercial clients in Vermont who are looking for a flooring option that offers both beautiful form and excellent function, we recommend commercial wood floors in Vermont.

Hardwood: A Commercial Flooring Classic

commercial wood floors in vermontFor those only familiar with traditional hardwood flooring, the practical applications for this material in commercial settings may be surprising. Hardwood is celebrated for its classic appearance, but the following beneficial traits make commercial wood floors in Vermont a highly functional option:

  • Ultimate design flexibility
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Resistant to dust, pollen, and other allergens
  • Performance commercial wood floor finish
  • Adds lasting value to commercial properties
  • Performance hardwood options feature high-value at affordable prices

Commercial wood flooring prices at Floor Coverings International, relative to the quality and functional lifespan of commercial hardwood, are exceptionally high-value. Our exclusive catalogue of style and product options offers extensive selection.


Among our most popular performance hardwood options for commercial flooring are the following:

  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Oak

These hardwoods add warmth and beauty to your business property while contributing functionality unmatched by any other performance wood flooring.


Floor Coverings International works directly with renowned commercial wood flooring manufacturers to ensure our stock features the highest quality hardwood options. Our catalogue features products manufactured by Armstrong, Shaw, and other top hardwood flooring producers.


Are you looking for a flooring material that will contribute beauty and function to your business? Commercial wood floors in Vermont are a classic, practical choice. If you want a flooring provider who offers the most extensive, top-quality products with a specific emphasis on client satisfaction and value contact Floor Coverings International today.