3 Reasons to Install Commercial Vinyl Flooring in PA

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If you had to choose between style and durability, which one would you go with?

commercial vinyl flooring in paDo you choose the jacket which looks great for a season, or the jacket which will last a few years? Do you want the sleek sports car that’s nice for short distances, or the commuter car which will never let you down on a road trip?


It seems like we’re constantly forced to choose between quality and style.

But here’s the good news: when you go to Floor Coverings International for commercial vinyl flooring in PA, you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability. They come in the same package.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Sometimes you just can’t beat commercial vinyl flooring. Let’s look at three reasons why Floor Coverings International’s commercial vinyl flooring in Pennsylvania is so outstanding:

  • Resilience: You don’t have to worry about vinyl flooring getting ruined by water, stains, or dents. Vinyl is resistant to the threats commercial flooring faces on a daily basis. In other words, it can “take care of itself.”
  • Diversity: There’s no shortage of designs for commercial vinyl flooring. Whether you want your floor to grab attention or just fade into the background, vinyl flooring offers the look you need.
  • Cleanliness: Some floors are an absolute pain to keep clean, but commercial vinyl ain’t one of ‘em. As long as you do some regular, basic cleaning, your company’s vinyl flooring will look fantastic.

If you’re on the lookout for new flooring for your business, then you won’t go wrong with vinyl. Vinyl flooring provides the quality, durability, and style every company needs. If you would like to install the best commercial vinyl flooring in PA, then contact us at Floor Coverings International!

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