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Tile is an excellent flooring option for businesses that desire a lasting and sophisticated flooring system. Tile not only provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface, but also ensures that your floor maintains timeless appeal.

Commercial-Tile-In-MedfordIf you’re looking for commercial tile in Medford, design associates at Floor Coverings International are excited to help you choose tile flooring that will best suit your business’s aesthetic and budget. Our design associates are highly trained to work with every tile option offered by FCI and are prepared to explain the many benefits of tile flooring.

Benefits of Tile Flooring:

  • Well-maintained tile flooring is enduring and attractive. As such, it increases a property’s resale value and has lasting appeal.
  • Tile floors are non-toxic when installed with non-toxic grout and are good for those with allergies. Unlike carpet, tile doesn’t trap dust and pollen.
  • Glazed tile requires very little maintenance and cleaning. Sealed tile can even withstand water.

Popular Options for Commercial Tile

When choosing commercial tile in Medford, certain options may be more appealing depending on your business’s needs.

  • Ceramic Tile is the most heavily utilized tile for offices, homes, and stores in the US. It comes glazed or unglazed. Quarry, or unglazed tile, is a great, inexpensive and durable option for industrial settings that rely less on aesthetic appeal and require hard-wearing surfaces that won’t easily chip or scratch.  Porcelain tile, in contrast to basic glazed ceramic tile, has been fired at a higher temperature so that it is denser and less porous. This kind of tile is ideal for areas exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Stone Tiles are cut from natural stone and therefore provide unique variations for floor patterns. Types of natural stone tiling include granite, slate, travertine, marble, onyx, and sandstone. While granite and sandstone are generally used for applications other than flooring, travertine is popular for bathroom flooring, and marble provides a luxurious, multidimensional floor tone that is quintessentially unique.

For further information on available types of commercial tile in Medford, contact your local design associate at Floor Coverings International. We’re excited to help you choose a lasting flooring system that will serve your business for years to come!


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