What to Look For in NJ Commercial Carpet

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Any business owner who has overseen the purchase and installation of new commercial flooring is familiar with the key benefits of NJ commercial carpet.

As one of the most comfortable, attractive, and functional materials for certain commercial facilities, commercial carpeting is likewise one of the most popular choices for businesses.


Notable benefits of this material, including commercial carpet tiles and commercial carpet squares, include comfort for standing and walking, warmth retention, sound dampening, and easy maintenance. This makes NJ commercial carpet ideal for settings such as hotels, retail stores, and hospitals.


Aside from these standard attributes, though, many types of commercial carpeting feature additional traits that can radically raise their value and durability. As New Jersey’s leading flooring provider, Floor Coverings International is familiar with the many types and designs of carpeting; and we have a critical eye for quality.


When purchasing commercial carpet, we recommend looking for these important traits:


  • Stain-Resistance
    Most commercial carpet is stain-resistant; but the degree of resistance varies greatly depending upon the fiber material and dye used. We recommend olefin fiber for optimally stain-free floors that require minimal intensive commercial carpet cleaning. If you choose a nylon fiber carpet, make sure to select one that has undergone solution dyeing to increase stain-resistance.
  • Run-Resistance
    A run in a carpet can significantly impair the appearance and lifespan of your flooring. Many carpeting designs do not account for runs, meaning the undoing of a single stitching could lead to the unraveling of a large portion of carpet. Choosing a carpet that is stitched in diagonals rather than straight lines can prevent runs.
  • Anti-Static
    Static can be highly problematic in industrial settings with sensitive electronic equipment. Many commercial carpets feature increased static protection; check the carpet specifications or ask a salesperson about products that feature this important attribute.


Investing in flooring that features these exceptional qualities can help to ensure that you get the most use and value out of your new carpeting. To learn more about our NJ commercial carpet products or to place an order, contact Floor Coverings International today.