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Floor Coverings International works with local business owners and employees every day to help them find the best commercial carpet around Philadelphia. There’s a lot to think about when choosing a business carpet and we help you learn what to look for. The right commercial carpet flooring for you will meet your needs in three main categories: durability and performance, style and aesthetics, and cushioning and comfort.

Durability and Performance

When you choose your commercial carpet flooring, you’ll need something that can handle the demands of a business environment. Learning what to look for will help you make the best choice.


Pile Yarn Density and Height

The density of a carpet refers to the amount of pile yarn in a designated area of the carpet surface. Rooms that experience particularly high levels of traffic require a carpet density of 5,000 or more, so keep this in mind when choosing your business carpet.


The pile yarn height will also affect performance. The highest-performing carpets will have a low pile height and a high pile yarn density. When choosing your carpet, ask your Floor Coverings International Design Associate about the density and pile height that works best for your business.

Style and Aesthetic

The way your carpet flooring looks is the first thing customers and clients will notice when they walk into your place of business. Not only is the style of your carpet important for first impressions, it’s also important for functionality.


Color Choice

The amount of traffic you expect should be taken into consideration when choosing the color of your carpet. Mid-range colors are best for high-traffic areas, as they are better at concealing soil than other colors. Multicolor blends are also effective at hiding soil. This is especially important for carpet placed near entrances and exits.


Carpet Style

The two primary styles of carpet are loop pile constructions and cut pile constructions. There are multiple types of each, and choosing the right one will depend on your style preferences and the expected function of the carpet— whether you are looking for durability or comfort. You can also select a cut and loop carpet that combines the best qualities of both styles. Ask your Design Associate to help you determine which style is best for you.

Cushioning and Comfort

You and your employees will spend a lot of time standing and walking on your carpet flooring, so it’s important to choose one with the proper cushioning. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, there are three classes of commercial carpet cushioning used in business carpet flooring:

  • Class I Commercial Carpet Flooring
  • This class of cushioning is best for areas with moderate traffic. Class I commercial carpet flooring is often used for executive and administrative offices. It’s also common in schools, banks and some healthcare facilities.
  • Class II Commercial Carpet Flooring
  • Class II carpet cushioning is used for spaces that experience heavy traffic. Hotels and motels often use Class II commercial carpet flooring. Patient’s rooms, lounges, libraries and museums also tend to use Class II commercial carpet.
  • Class III Commercial Carpet Flooring
  • Commercial carpets in this cushioning classification are made for extremely high traffic areas. You will find Class III commercial carpets in airports, cafeterias, office building lobbies and nurses’ stations.

The right carpet flooring will meet your needs in all of these categories. For the best commercial carpet around Philadelphia, look no further than the experts at Floor Coverings International. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!


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