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What Makes Commercial Carpet Flooring A Practical Choice?
By Floor Coverings International blog, carpet, commercial March 22, 2018

Commercial carpet may have more benefits to offer than you think. There are a number of materials that come to mind when commercial property owners consider practical, cost-effective flooring. Perhaps rubber or vinyl; in highly functional settings, concrete may even be considered.   For pragmatic-minded commercial property owners, commercial carpet …

Discover Why Laminate is a Great Flooring Alternative
By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring February 21, 2018

Love the look of hardwood or tile? Try laminate flooring as an alternative! Finding the right flooring option for your business can be difficult. Styles such as hardwood, tile, or stone can bring a beautiful aesthetic to any room, but they may not work with every budget. Luckily, there is …

The Three Most Common Myths About Commercial Hardwood Flooring
By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring, wood February 9, 2018

Need Flooring for your Business? Learn the Facts About Hardwood Flooring! The many advantages of commercial hardwood flooring have made it an industry standard for commercial businesses. Floor Coverings International offers popular high-quality hardwood flooring that is stylish, versatile, and timeless. Despite the positive impacts hardwood flooring continues to have …

Behind the Scenes at Floor Coverings International
By Floor Coverings International blog January 25, 2018

A Look at What Goes on Behind the Scenes at Floor Coverings International! Have you ever been surprised by someone you know well? Maybe they told you about a secret hobby, a previous job, or a famous relative you never knew about. Just when you think you know all there …

3 Reasons Why Restaurant Flooring Is More Important Than You Think
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial flooring January 13, 2018

This Is Why Restaurant Flooring Can Make or Break a Dining Experience If you look up restaurant reviews, you’re not gonna see much about the flooring. But just because floors don’t draw everyone’s attention doesn’t mean they’re not important.   At Floor Coverings International, we provide excellent restaurant flooring to …

Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring: Which One Should Your Company Go With?
By Floor Coverings International blog, laminate flooring, Vinyl January 12, 2018

A Helpful Guide for Choosing Between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring. There’s no shortage of choices to be made when you need new commercial flooring. First, you need to pinpoint the style which best embodies the values and character of your business. Then you need to identify the flooring material which …

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