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How Your Source For Commercial Wood Floors Can Change Your Business
By Floor Coverings International residential, wood February 11, 2017

Your source for commercial flooring has more of an impact on your business than you realize

4 Reasons To Avoid The Best Commercial Flooring Option
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial January 21, 2017

Many don’t consider the main reasons for avoiding high quality commercial flooring. If you are looking at options for commercial flooring, then your reflex is to find the best. But have you ever considered reasons for not choosing the best? After all, there are plenty of people who settle for …

4 Things They Never Told You About Commercial Laminate Flooring
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial flooring, laminate flooring November 20, 2016

Surprising news about commercial laminate flooring that will make reconsider this versatile product. If you’re a property manage responsible for your next flooring project it’s time to consider commercial laminate flooring.  Today’s commercial laminate is different from that of the 70s, and thanks to technology, it has become a popular …

Deciding Between Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tiles and Sheet Vinyl
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial flooring, Flooring, Vinyl November 14, 2016

The final showdown between the standard sheet commercial vinyl flooring and vinyl flooring tiles – who will win? Find out here! Commercial vinyl flooring can be broken up easily into two competing types – sheet vinyl and vinyl tile. But if they’re both made of vinyl materials, how exactly do …

Choosing The Ideal Commercial Flooring Systems For Your Sanctuary
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial, commercial flooring, News, sanctuary November 6, 2016

Trusting just any old contractor to work on something as meaningful as your Sanctuary is risky. Floor Coverings International understands and respects the complexity of working in sacred space. It can be a tricky process, preparing to replace flooring in a sanctuary space. There are budgets to get approved, timetables …

Welcome Mat – Commercial Flooring Products For Your Lobby
By Floor Coverings International News October 29, 2016

There’s an adage that applies to flooring as much as it applies to people – “first impressions are the most lasting.” That’s why it’s important to have commercial flooring products that truly exemplify your business, starting at the very entrance. Here are a few different floor types that could serve …

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