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Ask Your Commercial Flooring Specialist About Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Learn About the Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Need a new floor for your high-traffic commercial space? Have you heard of market-trending luxury vinyl flooring products? Considered the most advanced flooring technology to date, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is known for its durability, low maintenance and great style. When asking about options during your flooring consultation, ask your commercial flooring specialist about this option for your space!

Below are a few factors you should consider with your consultant when thinking about LVT:

  • How much do you and your professional team value resilience?
  • “Resilient flooring” refers to the material’s ability to resist scratches, stains and general wear and tear. One of the pros of vinyl and luxury vinyl is that they are considered highly durable and resistant. Specifically, luxury vinyl is made with four protective layers to fight high-traffic situations. This makes either vinyl or luxury vinyl a great choice for nearly any business environment.
  • Do you want choice in design?
  • There is a huge array of gorgeous tile options to choose from. LVT is usually meant to resemble slate or stone floors, but we have a collection of colors and patterns to help our clients find something that best matches their brand.
  • What is your price range?
  • While LVT flooring is considered high-end compared to other kinds of vinyl (and is therefore more expensive), it generally costs much less than the premium stone material it is mimicking. Keep the look, protect your wallet!

Why Choose FCI as Your Commercial Flooring Specialist

When researching flooring distributors, you should choose a specialist whose brain you can pick about commercial flooring market trends. Also—particularly when you are discussing your financial options—make sure your specialist is upfront and honest regarding the details and price of your installation. The best flooring installers will speak clearly and confidently, answer any questions you have, and refer to a fellow employee or supervisor if he or she is unsure about anything. Seek out a flooring company you can trust.

At Floor Coverings International, the installation job is not complete until you say it is. When you voice your concerns, our design associates and installers will respond and address them until you are totally satisfied with your new floors. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we hope to prove that to you!


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