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Five Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Flooring Solutions

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Get Your Perfect Floor with Advice from FCI

New to the world of commercial flooring? Need to choose a floor for your business but unsure where to begin? It can be a tough field to familiarize yourself with if you have never purchased flooring materials before. That is why Floor Coverings International offers commercial flooring solutions for healthcare and hospitality services, corporate offices, banquet halls and more. Our specialists are trustworthy and eager to help you through the process of finding the best flooring for your commercial space.

Below, we will walk you through how to get started and our five top tips for choosing the perfect floor.

Five Tips for Getting Commercial Flooring Solutions

  1. Choose a reputable company: Getting the most out of your commercial flooring installation starts with working with a great company. Decide on a distributor that specializes in multiple sectors of commercial flooring, uses top-quality products, and provides excellent advice and overall service.
  2. Consider the cost of maintenance and cleaning: Which materials are the most durable and least likely to wear? What about the cleaning process? Having an awareness of what kind of maintenance you will need to do to keep your floors clean—and approximately how much you will be spending—will help you make a decision.
  3. Talk to your installer about current trends: What have other commercial industries installed in their spaces? After you choose a flooring distributor to work with, ask which types of flooring are trending right now and why. This question will help you compare materials and understand what works best for each kind of space. You may also want to check out the testimonials website page of your chosen distributor, which may contain additional advice.
  4. Think long-term when it comes to the total costs: While the initial cost of flooring is essential information when you’re choosing a product, the longevity of your flooring choice is also something to consider. Sometimes, choosing the more expensive option results in fewer repairs and a longer life-span before it needs to be replaced— saving you money in the long run.
  5. Compare different products: After discussing your options with an installer and narrowing down your list, weigh the pros and cons of each product and brand against each other. Compare with your design team and get everyone’s professional input on which of your commercial flooring options is right for you.

Floor Coverings International hopes to help you reach commercial flooring solutions and navigate the process with ease. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!


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