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Why You Should Start the New Year Off With a Waterproof Floor

How a Waterproof Floor Can Help You Keep a New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions. We love to hate them. They embody the optimism and vigor with which we enter the new year, and also the eventual exhaustion and apathy which set in once the day-to-day starts to take its toll. We start the new year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but don’t necessarily stay that way.


But at Floor Coverings International, we believe there are some New Year’s resolutions you can keep, and we can help you do so. This New Year, you can resolve to protect your flooring from water damage, and we have the waterproof floor you need to make this resolution a reality.

Ideal Rooms for Waterproof Flooring

At Floor Coverings International, we offer great deals on excellent waterproof flooring options, such as tile and luxury vinyl. Water-resistant flooring is perfect for the:


  • Bathroom:

water proof floorIf there’s one room in your home which is guaranteed to have a lot of water, it’s the bathroom. There’s the sink, toilet, shower… all in one room. Moisture is an inevitability. So installing water-resistant flooring in your bathroom is a no-brainer. When your bathroom has a waterproof floor, you don’t have to worry about the stains, water damage, mold, and other major threats.

  • Kitchen:

You could resolve to not spill anything on your kitchen floor this year, but you’d be setting yourself up for failure. You know there will be no shortage of spills in the kitchen over the next 365 days, so why not prepare? At Floor Coverings International, we’ll provide you with waterproof flooring which is elegant, smooth, and durable. Then you won’t have to spend the entire year worrying about water ruining your floors.

  • Basement:

Basements are particularly vulnerable to water damage. All you need is some rain and a small leak in your basement, and water can take over. While you need to take all of the necessary steps to prevent basement flooding, you also need to take precautionary measures in case flooding occurs. This is why water-resistant floors are the best basement flooring options. Water damage in the basement can also lead to other cost-incurring problems, such as mold damage. So this year, make the fiscally responsible choice and obtain some waterproof flooring for basements.

The Best Waterproof Floors at Your Fingertips

Have you resolved to prevent water damage in your home this New Year? With Floor Coverings International, you can choose your favorite option from our carefully curated waterproof flooring selection. Contact us today, and we’ll help make your New Year’s resolution a reality!


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