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Floor Coverings International Has Some Exciting Plans for the New Year

Here’s a Look at What We Will Be Offering This New Year!

New Year’s is a day of excitement and anticipation. We look back at the year which has passed and look forward to the year to come. The future is teeming with possibilities, and what these possibilities are.


So what does the new year have instore for Floor Coverings International? Well, if we’re honest, we don’t know everything about the new year. After all, we can’t see the future. But we do know of some exciting things ahead for the Floor Coverings International franchise

Floor Coverings International in 2018


This new year, Floor Coverings International will continue to provide:


  • Great flooring:
    floorcoverings internationalWe have a wide selection of high-quality flooring for businesses in any and every industry. When you reach out to us, we’ll come visit you for a free, in-person consultation. During this consultation, we will learn more about your company, preferences, and flooring needs. We will then show you the flooring options we provide. You can take your pick of tile, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, luxury vinyl, and laminate. Once you choose your favorite flooring material, we’ll help you choose the design which best complements your company’s style.
  • Competitive deals:
    Not only do we offer amazing flooring coverings, but we also provide them at a great rate. Many companies have a more impersonal approach to pricing, where they just slap the price tag on the product and let you decide for yourself. But we prefer a more relational approach. We’ll talk with you about your budget and then figure out a way to work with it. We want you to have the best flooring possible, and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.
  • Speedy installation:
    This is one of our top priorities. At Floor Coverings International, we understand providing speedy installation services is non-negotiable for businesses. We know, at the end of the day, one of your biggest questions is: how long will this take? But you can put your worries to rest when you are working with one of the best flooring franchises. We utilize furniture levitation technology which enables us to quickly install flooring without moving and re-organizing furniture. We just lift the furniture up, install the flooring, and let the furniture back down again. Easy as can be.

Flooring for the New Year

What’s ahead for your company this new year? If it’s new commercial flooring, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Floor Coverings International! We’ll be delighted to get your new year off to a great start by installing the best flooring you can find.


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