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Floor Coverings for Every Business Type

Floor Coverings International is your source for business flooring.

Just as there are endless types and models of businesses in the America, there are endless options and possibilities for design in the American workplace.


floor coveringsThe passing customer or floor worker is unlikely to notice every detail of your business design. However, even the smallest decisions you make regarding the structure and appearance of your business will hold a strong role in determining the impression made on customers and the ease of work and overall atmosphere your employees will experience. And your workplace’s floor coverings are much more than a small detail.


Selecting the perfect floor coverings is a critical decision that will affect both the inner and outer workings of your business. That’s why Floor Coverings International is proud to offer you the most extensive catalog of top-grade floor covering options for businesses of all types. A quick consultation of Floor Coverings International reviews will attest to our unparalleled dedication to quality products and quality service.


The ideal type of floor coverings for your particular workplace will depend largely upon your business type. The flooring experts at Floor Coverings International recommend the following flooring design ideas for retail, industrial, food service, and health service workplaces.


In the retail industry, appearance is everything. The visual impression of your store design will either attract or repel customers and determine whether your store is one in which they wish to shop; all before a single for-sale item has even been inspected. For retail businesses, we recommend classic hardwood floor coverings, stone, and luxury vinyl (such as distressed wood vinyl.)


Practicality and function come first in the industrial workplace. Easy maintenance and cleaning are essential, as is resistant to damage. Commercial rubber flooring is sound-absorbing and excellent for high-traffic areas; commercial carpet and durable vinyl are likewise popular choices.

Food Service

Much like retail, visual impressions and overall appearance are of utmost importance in restaurants and food service. However, cleanliness and resistance to stains, must also be taken into account. In kitchens and cafeteria-type food service venues, tile, laminate, and vinyl are excellent choices. For restaurants, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and stone can lend a beautiful, appearance-enhancing touch.

Health Service

For hospitals and doctor’s offices, cleanliness is the top priority. Industrial rubber flooring, commercial carpeting, vinyl, laminate, or tile may all be practical choices, depending upon the scale and type of medical operation that your flooring will be serving.

If you’re asking “where can I find ideal floor coverings near me?”, Floor Covering International is the high-quality provider you need. We carry floor coverings for every business type. To learn more or to place an order, contact Floor Coverings International today.

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