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Overwhelmed by Commercial Flooring Products?

The real estate development trend that started in the late 80s on the East Coast is still booming.

It continues to get stronger as more and more businesses pop up and the economy gets stronger! And with all this new business and real estate growth, the industry for producing commercial floor coverings is growing strong. As business grows and more and more people are looking for floor coverings for their new space, the commercial flooring products industry works hard to keep up with demand for innovation and quality.


commercial flooring productsThis means there are an enormous amount of options available for real estate developers, business owners, and decorators who are searching for commercial floor coverings. Whatever your needs for colors, durability, material, and accessibility are, there’s a product for you. But with so many products on the market, and so many of them so similar, it can be difficult for people to find one they want. When tens of thousands of options are before you, how can you know which one to pick?


Floor Coverings International wants to change all that. You shouldn’t need a degree in commercial flooring products to be able to choose an industrial carpet for your workspace! Work with us and we’ll find you exactly what you need at exactly the right price. Here’s how it works.

Go to the Experts for Commercial Flooring Products

Floor Coverings International believes that there is a perfect match for your commercial space out there somewhere, and we’re going to help you find it! If you give us a call and answer some questions for you, we can always help that way. We carry a huge selection of commercial floor coverings, and if you give us a few parameters we’re sure to be able to help you pick. But what we can do over the phone is limited. The best way for us to help you is with one of our FREE Design Consultations!


A Design Consultation lets us really understand your space, your vision, and your needs. When you work with us on a design consultation, we’ll send someone out to take a long look at the property and talk to you about what your vision for the space is. It’ll also allow us to take measurements that might not have occurred to you to take, and to see how the other characteristics of the space will affect your flooring options. When we’ve gotten the info we need, our Design Consultant will work closely with you on picking a few options for commercial flooring products that will suit you.


The great advantage of a Design Consultation is that we get to see your space and talk to you face to face. This lets our Design Consultant really understand what it is that you’re going for and how to help you. To really set you up with a space that suits you, we need more than just the dimensions. We need to know what you need, so we can find something that’s just perfect for you.
If you’re looking for commercial flooring products and don’t know where to start, start with us! Give us a call today to start your commercial flooring project!

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