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Choose Your Own Adventure: Replacing Flooring In A Building

When it comes to replacing flooring, you should choose the best adventure.

meeting room commercial flooringThere are so many directions that replacing flooring in a building can go. The process involves many steps: getting the measurements, choosing the flooring, moving furniture, installing the flooring, and so on. And where there are many steps, there are many opportunities for good and bad choices. So what do you do to make sure that your company’s floor replacement process is a success?

Since there are so many possibilities that your floor replacement experience can go, we decided to explore different options through a Choose Your Own Adventure. So here are your options:

  • Option A – DIY
  • Option B – Average Flooring Company
  • Option C – Floor Coverings International

Now let’s see where each option for replacing flooring in a building leads…

Replacing Flooring In A Building: Find Your Ending

  • If you chose Option A: You take measurements, go to the nearest hardware store, choose a flooring option, get the delivery, and work on installing the flooring yourself. The process is much more difficult than you expected. First, there is the removing of the old flooring. Then there’s the stress of making sure that the installation goes according to plan. You realize that the smallest detail can ruin the installation process of an entire room. You have to start over multiple times and when you’re done, the flooring just doesn’t look like the pictures… it looks much worse. And the process took much longer than expected. Everyone at work is playing catch-up.
  • If you chose Option B: You contact an average flooring company and talk to them about your situation. You go to their store and purchase the recommended flooring option. After a few delays, the company finally finishes the installation and the furniture is moved back in. The process took a long time and now your company is behind on its deadlines. As time goes on, you realize that the flooring just doesn’t work well with the rest of the interior. And the quality of the flooring isn’t as great as it sounded at the store.
  • If you chose Option C: You contact Floor Coverings International, and they send a representative to your location. The representative learns about your business and location and helps you choose the flooring option that meets your needs. Then, Floor Coverings International sends a whole team to efficiently install the new flooring in your building. They use the latest technology to save you money and time, and successfully install quality flooring in record time so that your business is not interrupted.

So there are your options. Needless to say, Option C looks like the way to go. If you would like to go with Option C to replace floorings in a building, then please feel free to contact us!

At Floor Coverings International, we have earned a reputation for installing the best floors at a fast pace so that businesses can continue their work without unnecessary interruptions. We will show you that replacing flooring doesn’t always have to be a crazy adventure.

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