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Is Replacing Carpet in a Building a DIY Project?

Will your grand scheme to save a few bucks actually accomplish that or simply add unneeded stress to your business?

As a business owner, you have likely become an expert at juggling.  Juggling task lists, priorities, and finances.  Determining which things to set aside for later, what takes priority of your time or money, and what things need to be done on your own or hired out can, in and of itself, zap your energy.


replacing carpet in a buildingWhile the DIY world has recently gained popularity among homeowners, business owners have been grappling with DIY decisions for years.  As an entrepreneur, you learn that some things must be done by you and some things simply don’t turn out well unless you hire a professional.


So when it comes to replacing carpet in a building, which path should this decision take? Should you do it yourself or should you hire a professional?

DIY or Hire a Professional for Replacing Carpet in a Building

Doing your own carpet installation can save you money.  Most individuals don’t choose the extra work and headache for any reason other than the money savings.  We all know that doing a job yourself is often cheaper than hiring out a professional.  Initially.  However, make sure you are completely aware of all the costs that will be associated with your project before tackling this on your own.  At times, doing-it-yourself can actually cost you more in the long run.

Three Pitfalls of Installing Carpet Yourself in a Building

  • Unforeseen Expenses
    Replacing carpet in a building requires more than just the carpet.  Glue or tack strips are necessary for securing the carpet, as well as quality padding to ensure the right feel underfoot.When old carpet is removed it must be disposed of.  Where will you get rid of it? How will you haul it?  Will these things add more cost to your project?  Often they do.At times, tearing out old carpet can reveal problems with the subfloor, requiring replacement or repair.  Surprise expenses that come mid-way through the project can bring stress and difficult financial planning to any business.A professional installation company will know to look for all of these issues beforehand in order to prepare you for the entire cost.
  • Special Equipment
    In order to properly lay carpet, one must have access to specialty tools.  A knee-kicker, carpet stretcher, and seam roller are all necessary tools for ensuring a quality job.  While these tools can usually be found at a tool rental company, the expertise for using these tools only comes with experience.  They can prove tricky and frustrating for otherwise ‘handy’ individuals.This specialty equipment is, of course, another cost that must be factored into the final project cost.
  • Costly Mistakes
    Carpeting installation in a building is more than just rolling out a swath of carpet and tacking it down.  Proper measuring, cutting, stretching and tacking must be employed at all times, with an added knowledge of the angles, corners and layout of the room.  Many rooms have odd angles or areas that jut out into the room, causing difficult cuts and measurements.  If these problem areas are not handled with much care and precise measurement, you may find yourself with a very costly DIY mistake – needing to buy more carpet!  And since carpet is the most expensive part of your project in the first place, this is a mistake you can’t afford to make.  According to homeadvisors.com, the actual cost of the carpet itself can range between $1-$11 per square foot.  Know what you’re paying for the carpet, and understand that mistakes in installation are the most costly thing you can do.

Buckling is a common mistake among DIY carpet installers.  Buckling is the result of improper stretching during the installation process.


While we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, unfortunately many people do.  Similarly, your business is often judged by the first few minutes that a customer spends within its walls.  Don’t let the unsightly mistakes of ‘saving a few bucks’ turn away a potential customer.


Find a professional carpet installer that can walk you through every step of the process with skill and ease.  Floor Coverings International has design associates to help you choose the right carpet and padding for your business, as well as an expert installation team that will make sure it’s done right the first time!


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