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Why It Pays To Install The Right Flooring For Commercial Buildings

Find Out Why Paying Less For Flooring Now May Cost You More In The Future

The Right Flooring For Commercial Buildings Can Increase Safety

flooring-for-commercial-buildingsAccording the the CDC, there are more than 21 million employees who work in the wholesale and retail industries. Do you know what the second most common cause is of lost workday injuries is? Slips, trips and falls!  If you need to replace or upgrade flooring for commercial buildings, you need to know which flooring is the safest for your business.


How can you reduce injuries and increase safety at your commercial site? The CDC recommends that choosing the commercial office flooring material according to the work to be done in the area.  Each industry is unique and requires different flooring, here is a brief survey of industries and recommended flooring.

How To Choose The Best Flooring for Commercial Buildings

Let’s begin by examining a sample of industries and their particular flooring needs.

  • Tenant Improvement or fit outs – Requires flooring that is durable, low maintenance and are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles.  Our top three choices that meet those requirements include: commercial vinyl, commercial laminate flooring or commercial carpet.  
  • Healthcare– The best flooring for this industry again depends on the area of use as each area must comply with health and safety regulations.  Commercial rubber flooring is on the rise in healthcare because of its safe and cushioned surface and it is naturally dent, scratch, water, and fire resistance.  
  • Commercial office flooringYou have nearly limitless options when it comes to flooring for offices, and ideally you want flooring that is attractive and appeals to potential customer or clients.  Commercial wood flooring is ideal for heavy traffic areas and it adds elegance to every office.  
  • Restaurants– The best commercial flooring options for restaurants are ones that look beyond aesthetics.  In the dining area, engineered wood, carpet or polished concrete are great options because of their durability, cost, and low maintenance.  In a commercial kitchen, you may consider commercial tile flooring because its protective layer makes the tiles impervious to both water and stain penetration.

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