Home NewsIs Winter Wreaking Havoc On Your Floors? Explore Your Waterproof Flooring Options

Is Winter Wreaking Havoc On Your Floors? Explore Your Waterproof Flooring Options

How to Choose Waterproof Flooring Options For All Seasons

The tri-state area has been hit with nasty winter weather this year, and if you’re like me, you’re tired of slipping and sliding on wet floors.  Snow, ice and salt cover the floors and cause a lot of damage. If you’re thinking about replacing or renovating your floors, it may be time to consider waterproof flooring options.  

Floor Coverings International wants to help you find an all season waterproof floor covering that’s right for your commercial space.  

How To Choose Waterproof Flooring Options For All Seasons

  1. Porcelain tiles are made from fine, dense clay which is fired at a high temperature, which makes them a higher resistance to wear and tear, and are available in a vast array of colors and styles.  Advantages of porcelain tiles are that they are durable, waterproof, stain resistant, low maintenance and long lasting.  Porcelain tiles are beautiful waterproof flooring options and come in a nearly limitless supply of colors. There are a few disadvantages as well, porcelain tiles are hard to walk on  and can be tough on your feet. While the price of porcelain is higher than other flooring options, it is also a great investment.
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  1. Glazed Ceramic tiles come in various colors and shapes, and their protective coating make them water, dust, and stain resistant.  If your floors are exposed to moisture and humidity, these tiles are a great waterproof flooring option.  Ceramic tiles require low maintenance care with regular sweeping and mopping. Ceramic tiles are not only beautiful but versatile and can be cut into a variety of shapes.  Drawbacks of ceramic tiles include the hardness of the material makes it difficult to stand and walk on for long periods of time. The weight of the tiles is another consideration, and if used anywhere above the first floor, you will need to have the structural integrity of the building checked before installation. Waterproof flooring membrane will be applied before the tiles to provide a firm and stable surface.
  1. Waterproof laminate is another great waterproof flooring options as its commercial grade toughness also makes it scratch and stain resistant. The beauty of waterproof laminate flooring is that you can find hardwood, exotic and rust imitations. Additional benefits of laminate are that it’s less expensive than tiles, it’s scratch and dent resistant, durable, and easy to clean.  Laminate can be used in commercial settings with exposure to sunlight and the color won’t fade as it does with other flooring options.  There are some disadvantages as well, laminate flooring cannot be refinished so once the single layer wears down, it will have to be replaced.  Laminate is a hard material which makes standing and walking for long periods of time tiresome.
  1. Waterproof vinyl is another great waterproof flooring options because it can be installed in any area that is exposed to water and moisture, including basements, bathrooms and kitchens without any concerns about water damage.  Waterproof vinyl is also mold and mildew resistant and with regular cleaning, it can last for 10-20 years. Vinyl is available in vibrant colors in addition to neutral tones, it’s durable yet comfortable to walk on for long periods of time.  One disadvantage regarding this flooring option is that it is not environmentally friendly because it is made from non-renewable sources.


Lastly, here are a couple of tips to protect your waterproof flooring options from the snow, sleet, salt and ice. Adding entry door mats and regular sweeping help to maintain the new floor look.  Floor Coverings International expert Design Associates are here to help you make an informed decision about your waterproof flooring options. If you’re ready to get started, click to schedule an on-site consultation or for more information please call us today!


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