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Commercial Tile Flooring: Glazed or Unglazed?

Learn the specifics between glazed and unglazed commercial tile flooring.

If you are looking to update your space and those updates include replacing the flooring, commercial tile flooring may be an option for you to consider. There is such a wide range of flooring options to consider that you may be seeking commercial flooring tile as well as other options such as commercial laminate flooring, commercial stone flooring, commercial stone flooring, or even commercial carpet flooring.

Sometimes all of the options can be overwhelming. What makes commercial tile flooring unique?

One advantage of commercial tile flooring is that it comes in a wide range of patterns, colors and textures, which means that your space will be unique and memorable. It also reflects long-lasting durability and the ease of which it can be maintained. But even within the category of tile flooring there are so many options to choose from that you may still find yourself wondering where to begin. One big difference in tile flooring selection is glazed vs. unglazed. Below, we’ll discuss the differences:

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What is Glazed Commercial Tile Flooring?

Glazed flooring tiles undergo an additional phase during the firing process in which a glaze is added to the top layer. The glaze adds a non-porous layer of protection that makes glazed tiles more stain and scratch resistant than their unglazed counterparts. There are also many different types of glazes – ranging from dark to light and matte to glossy. This means that there is a wider range of options available in glazed tiles than in unglazed tiles.

What is Unglazed Commercial Tile Flooring?

If you are looking for tile that has a more natural and earthy look, unglazed flooring tile might be a good choice for you. Since it is not finished with a glaze firing, it is more porous and thus more slip-resistant. This makes it an ideal choice for an area that is prone to exposure to moisture or located in an area that sees high foot traffic. Unglazed tile flooring can be finished with a sealant or wax for additional protection.

No matter which type of tile flooring you choose, you can rest assured that you are making a wise investment in commercial tile flooring that will look professional, is easy to clean and maintain, and will last for many years to come. Our Design Associates can help walk you through the process of choosing the best commercial ceramic tile flooring for the space you are renovating.

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