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5 Things You are Not Asking Your Restaurant Flooring Installer

You Won’t Want to Miss these Must-Have Questions in Your Search for the Best Flooring for Your Restaurant.

Your restaurant. Your pride and joy. You love it, right? But something’s just not right, and you realize it’s the floors. The design within the restaurant industry is changing by leaps and bounds, and it’s time you caught up with the new waves of technological advances in restaurant flooring.

You’ve looked at options, and maybe even scouted out some different installers, but you feel like you’re not asking the right questions in your search for restaurant flooring. Well, with the help of Stephanie Aurora Lewis, NCARB, LEED AP, Contributing Editor of restaurant development + design, we here at Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill are here to provide you with some challenging questions.

In her article “Make Smart Flooring Choices”, she lays out some great expert tips and great long-term questions that would best fit your restaurant.

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You Need to Ask These 5 Necessary Questions for Your Restaurant Flooring Needs

Here are some great takeaways from Lewis’s article to help focus your search:

  1. Am I Too Worried About Aesthetics to Appeal to the guests? A hardwood floor may be warm and look nice, but long-term maintenance might be a big feat and a big expense.
  2. Do I Have the Right Flooring Type for Each Zone In the Restaurant? Tiling may be the best option for the kitchen or bar, when vinyl or hardwood may be ideal for the dining room.
  3. Am I Considering the Safest Option? According to a study a few years ago by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), around 3 million restaurant employees and more than 1 million restaurant guests were injured from slip and fall related injuries each year. This is a costly problem that can be resolved by picking the safest flooring option.
  4. Have I Thought About Durability and Cleanliness of the Floors? Are there high traffic areas? Does the kitchen or even the dining room get a beating sometimes? Tiles can be replaced, for example, whereas hardwood may be harder to repair and may require closing the restaurant.
  5. Have I Picked The Right Restaurant Flooring Installer? You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong type of restaurant flooring or have shoddy workmanship. FCI Cherry Hill won’t allow this to happen and are dedicated to quality work and excellent customer service!

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