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Quick and Easy Commercial Flooring Solutions Every Manager Needs
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial flooring February 28, 2019

When considering commercial flooring solutions, where do you begin? Facilities managers, property owners, and business operators don’t have much time to waste. Every minute counts.   At Floor Coverings International, we understand the demands that come with commercial industry management. For that reason, we work efficiently and effectively to make …

Wondering Which Commercial Floor Cleaner Is Best? Read On!
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial February 22, 2019

Using the right commercial floor cleaner and cleaning process can make all the difference in how well your floors hold up. Obviously, you wouldn’t use the same product for carpet that you would for hardwood. And you shouldn’t implement the same cleaning process for porcelain tile as you would for …

Why Commercial Vinyl Flooring?
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial flooring, Vinyl February 20, 2019

Commercial vinyl is one of the flooring industry’s most prosperous and rapidly expanding products. Did you know the vinyl flooring market is expected to reach $48.47 billion by 2023? And, in 2016, vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl composite tile segments comprised the highest collective spot in the flooring industry. What …

Check Out These Hardwood Flooring Prices: Commercial Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial, commercial flooring February 11, 2019

Think of comparing types of hardwood and hardwood flooring prices as you would sizing up Marvel superheroes.   While the Incredible Hulk and Ironman are both inarguably strong and equipped with fighting stamina, the similarities stop there. One is green, the other is part machine. And from there, their characteristics …

Three Wildly Different Industries That Prefer Vinyl Plank Flooring
By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring, Vinyl January 23, 2019

Vinyl plank flooring, also referred to as luxury vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles, is steadily rising as a commercial flooring favorite. Property owners and managers favor this option because it is easy to clean and timelessly beautiful. Today, the modern vinyl flooring options available to commercial spaces are more …

Five Amazing Perks of Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tile
By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring, Vinyl January 17, 2019

Check Out These Advantages of Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tile Problem: You fear your budget will not allow the polished, refined commercial flooring solution you dream of for your building. Solution: Commercial vinyl flooring tile. With the latest advancements in flooring technology, luxury vinyl tile isn’t simply a second choice—it’s often …

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